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March 26, 2017

Spring soil conditions – The impact on UK farmers

The effect of spring soil conditions on crop production in the UK.

Spring soil conditions - The impact on UK farmers

  • March. A farmers’ overall workload is increasing greatly.  Towards the end of the month, the T0 will be applied (fungicides) and spring drilling will be completed in core arable areas. Further north however (particularly in Scotland) they will still be drilling.
  • April. From the middle to end of the month T1’s are applied. These include broad-leaved weed applications along with PGR and any relevant trace elements. In mid April we’re starting to get warmer days though some nights remain cold, bringing the threat of frost.

Arylex™ active and spring crop production.

High product performance is crucial for successful and sustained weed control. Arylex is effective during warm days and cold nights enabling a wider window of application and easier management of workload.