On tour with Arylex
July 27, 2016

On tour with Arylex™ active

With its unique mode of action, superior efficacy on herbicide resistant weeds and exceptional flexibility, Arylex™ active represents a huge breakthrough in the control of broad-leaved weeds in cereals. Inspired by the revolutionary potential of Arylex, the French team decided that an equally innovative marketing campaign was required.

We’re all very excited by the benefits that Arylex™ active offers. That’s why we were determined to do something different with its launch, to take Arylex directly to our customers”, said Coline Sicaud, Communications Manager for Cereals Herbicides.

Taking into account the busy lives of farmers, agronomists and distributors and the widespread distribution of farms across France, the team decided that a highly visible, highly mobile campaign would offer maximum impact.

The idea of a roadshow was born, enabling the team to take the full Arylex experience straight to their audience. And to ensure that as many people as possible saw the campaign, a huge expandable truck was fully branded in Arylex livery.

Within the 9m x 9m presentation area, the team was able to showcase an educative and entertaining video about Arylex as well as running through interactive presentations targeting both distributors and farmers.

However, rather than simply presenting the functional attributes of Arylex, the team highlighted the opportunities it offers distributors to deliver constructive, cost effective and practical solutions to their customers. For the farmer, specific problems such as resistant weeds can have a huge impact on productivity and profitability. The team therefore focused on the economic, regulatory and technical challenges that cereal growers face and how Arylex could be a highly practical, effective answer to many of them.

In just 8 weeks the roadshow visited all of the major farming regions in the country putting on 25 events in total. As well as reaching the majority of distributors, the roadshow was seen by over 3000 farmers.

Coline summed up the success of the campaign. “This was a major initiative for us and we’ve been overwhelmed by it’s success. It’s put Arylex top of mind and also demonstrated our commitment to our customers to give them the information they need to enable them to be as productive as possible”.