European Crop Protection Association’s annual regulatory conference
April 06, 2016

Record breaking Arylex™ active

Earlier this month around 400 delegates gathered in Brussels for the European Crop Protection Association’s annual regulatory conference. With attendees from all 28 EU member states the event provided the year’s most important opportunity to discuss the regulation of our industry.

Dow AgroSciences again took centre stage as our expert speakers showcased DAS contributions to the efforts to register actives and products in the EU. 

Lead by Tina Mehta (EMEA Toxicology and Risk Assessment Leader, RSRA) and Peter Schlotter (Global Technology Transfer and Biology Team Leader, CPRD) the DAS presentations focused on product testing programmes and the impact and challenges of efficacy requirements in harmonizing the product development and registration process in Europe.

The registration of the Arylex™ active was used to demonstrate the need for continuous cooperation between authorities and applicants in order to make the EU zonal product approval system work effectively across 28 EU countries.

Even now Arylex holds the record for the fastest active substance approved under the new EU Regulatory framework (Regulation 1107/2009/EC). Additionally products containing Arylex are the only ones to have been approved (Pixxaro™ EC and Zypar™ in Denmark) under this regulation.