Pixxaro™ EC

Pixxaro™ EC herbicide combines two active ingredients, Arylex™ active and fluroxypyr in an EC formulation (Arylex 12 g ae/L + fluroxypyr 280 g ae/L+ cloquintocet-mexyl 12 g ai/L). It is already registered in DenmarkUK, Ireland, Austria, Germany, France, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden and Norway.


  • Provides advanced post-emergence control of many troublesome broad-leaf weeds including Stellaria media, Lamium amplexicaule, Galium aparine, Polygonum convolvulus, Chenopodium album, Galeopsis tetrahit, Papaver rhoeas, Fumaria officinalis and Amaranthus retroflexus
  • Includes two modes of action, making it another tool to help growers fight weed resistance
  • Offers good selectivity over a wide window of winter and spring cereal stages for spring application
  • Rapid degradation in soil and plant tissues allowing for crop rotation flexibility
  • Favourable environmental and toxicological profile