July 19, 2017

The rise of post-emergence treatment for OSR

Frédéric Lievens, Marketing manager for Oilseed rape Herbicides at Dow AgroSciences, France talks about the impact of post-emergent treatments for OSR weed control.

For a number of years, the post-emergence OSR herbicide market had remained stagnant in France, due to a lack of viable herbicides and because of the narrow spectrum of those that were available. In 2015 however, the introduction of a new weed control solution, Ielo/Yago/Biwix had a significant impact. ‘Over just 12 months, the market share of post emergent treatments increased from 9% to 21% and in only a single season the treated area in France more than doubled’, observed Frédéric. ‘And 2016’s Autumn data confirms that the area being treated in a single season has now risen to 24%’, he continued.

Following its successful introduction, the market clearly has high expectations for post-emergence weed control. ‘Right from the start our farmers were showing a keen interest in this new solution. The impact of Ielo/Yago/Biwix(1) confirmed our view that there is real demand for post-emergence solutions and that farmers are willing to change working practices in order to include post-emergent treatments in their overall OSR weed control regimes’, Frédéric concluded.