April 25, 2018

A first look at Arylex for OSR in the UK

Around 250 advisors and influencers were recently welcomed by the Corteva Agriscience™ DowDuPont team to see for themselves the performance of GF-3447 (proposed name Belkar) a herbicide containing Arylex, in oilseed rape.

Over 20 separate dates this winter, in demonstration trials throughout the UK, channel customers, independent advisors, influencers and growers were given an opportunity to assess the performance of this transformational herbicide, designed to conveniently control some of the most damaging broad-leaved weeds in the UK, weeds  such as cleavers, cranesbill, poppy, fumitory and shepherds purse.

GF-3447 (proposed name Belkar) is a post-emergence treatment, with a wide window of application, something that Peter Waite, UK National Account manager, believes will be crucial to its impact on yields.

‘GF-3447 will allow farmers to delay the application of their herbicide treatment until the crop has established, usually from early September, and the weeds have begun to germinate. This will deliver both financial and efficiency benefits for the grower and advisor. Currently, establishing oilseed rape is associated with many risks including dry or wet weather and pest infestations. Applying a pre-emergence herbicide at this time can be a waste of money if the crop subsequently fails and can also deliver poor weed control. Growers can now reduce their use of pre-emergence treatments by using a post-emergence product like GF-3447, they can  save time and importantly the money they might have invested in a failed crop. Crucially growers can now, reliably control yield robbing and quality reducing weeds.’.

Members of the UK farming community will get a chance to see GF-3447, Arylex for OSR, for themselves at Cereals 2018 in June.