July 23, 2017

Arylex™ active heralds a new era of autumn and spring oilseed rape herbicide solutions

Dow AgroSciences is currently developing a wide spectrum broad-leaf weed herbicide for use in the autumn and a unique broad-leaf weed herbicide for the spring.


 A new autumn herbicide

  • The only OSR herbicide that will control all significant broad-leaf weeds in a post-emergence treatment

The new Dow AgroSciences autumn herbicide will provide an unparalleled level of post-emergence control for a wide spectrum of broad-leaf weeds, including Galium, Matricaria, Geranium, Papaver, Capsella, Centaurea, Descurania, Thlaspi and Lamium.

Arylex will be a true enabler for a targeted weed control strategy in OSR. Growers can wait until their OSR crop is established before treating and have confidence that the simplified approach is both flexible and cost effective.

  • Control of Matricaria inodora (7 days after application)
    Control of Matricaria inodora (7 days after application)
  • More freedom and less stress for the OSR farmer

Arylex for OSR will offer consistent weed control across variable climatic conditions (cold or warm, wet or dry) thereby allowing for more spray days. Flexible application over a wide window of OSR stages starting from BBCH 12 until December will ensure unmatched flexibility.

  • Securing a robust OSR development in the autumn

OSR development in the autumn

The high speed of action combined with superior control on common and hard-to-control OSR weeds will secure a robust crop development for a strong pre-winter condition.





A unique broad spectrum OSR spring herbicide

Arylex for OSR will provide advanced control during spring for many troublesome broad-leaf weeds including Galium, Matricaria, Geranium, Centaurea, Papaver and Cirsium.

  • Superior control of weeds compared to existing herbicides

A unique broad spectrum OSR spring herbicide

  • Excellent selectivity and crop safety

Excellent selectivity and crop safetyArylex in the spring can be used from the end of the winter till BBCH 50. The selectivity is outstanding even for the late applications, the crop safety will result in superior yield.