December 21, 2016

Arylex goes global

Another significant milestone in the global roll-out of Arylex™ active has been achieved, with the registration of Quelex in the USA.  

With Arylex™ active as its active ingredient Quelex will provide US wheat growers with a new solution for advanced broadleaf weed control, including resistant biotypes. Offering crop rotation flexibility and a broad range of application options, Quelex gives growers the freedom to customize their weed management programs for optimum success.

In Europe the list of countries registering Arylex continues to grow. Following registration in Denmark, Ireland, Austria and the UK, France has now followed suite with the launch of Pixxaro and Zypar containing Arylex.

Already registered in Asia, Mexico, Australia, Israel and Canada, the international picture will be complete when the first registration of Arylex in Africa is expected to be confirmed in 2018.