February 28, 2018

Discovering the future of weed control for Oilseed Rape in Denmark

Danish oilseed rape farmers are taking a closer look at a key innovation in weed control practices. Recent trials have been assessing the use of a post-emergence treatment that could offer a highly effective solution even in well-established crops.

The trials, at the largest oilseed rape farm in Denmark, show that Belkar™ is set to create a new benchmark in post-emergence weed control. Easy to use and highly effective on the main broadleaved weeds affecting oilseed rape, it will offer many other benefits that will be highlighted later this spring.

  • Visit to the largest oilseed rape production farm in Denmark:
  • colza-trial-denmark
    Plot treated with Belkar at 0,5 L/ha
  • Focus on weed control strategy in Denmark:
  • Untreated-control-Poppy
    Untreated control poppy, field pansy, deadnettles
  • Focus on micro plot trials – Dow AgroSciences:
  • untreated-control-shepherds-purse-poppy-pansies
    Untreated control - Shepherd's-purse, poppy, pansies


Don’t forget!

  • Spectacular results 2 weeks after application on shepherd’s purse and poppy

  • Final rating in March 2018