About Us

Dow AgroSciences is a trusted partner to farmers right around the globe. Through our world-class research and development programme we’re committed to discovering and developing effective crop protection and seed solutions. Solutions that farmers rely on to boost productivity and profitability in a safe and sustainable manner.

Recent advances in our crop protection pipeline, specifically within our cereals portfolio and OSR, demonstrate our global R & D capabilities to deliver new and innovative products to farmers helping them to keep pace with ever shifting weed pressure in cereal crops and OSR.


Ground-breaking research has always been a driving force in Dow AgroSciences. In 1999 Dow AgroSciences scientists discovered the Arylpicolinates, a completely new class of synthetic auxin chemistry within the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee’s (HRAC) Group O category. And now using our expertise in auxinic herbicides and feedback from farmers we have developed the first member of this new class of synthetic auxin herbicides.