March 22, 2018

Czech Republic OSR farmers set to welcome Belkar™

The Czech Republic has become the latest country to register Belkar™, the pioneering post-emergence treatment for broad-leaved weeds in Autumn & Winter Oilseed Rape (OSR). Combining Arylex™ active and picloram in a premix formulation, Belkar delivers high efficacy treatment for weeds such as Descurania Sophia, Fumaria officinalis, Geranium pusillum, Papaver and many others.

Commenting on the news, Jiri Krupka, Marketing Specialist for OSR said ‘The registration of Belkar here in the Czech Republic represents a significant breakthrough for our OSR farmers. Together with Metazamix this now means that we can now offer full spectrum treatment to our OSR growers across a wide window of application. In addition Belkar gives them real flexibility, superior control and exceptional compatibility’.

Prior to the confirmation of registration, key partners and customers had been invited to see the Belkar and Metamix trials. ‘We’ve always been a very open and collaborative organization’, Jiri continued. ‘It’s crucial that we share the development of our most innovative products with our partner and our customers. So as well as the visit to the trials we have also worked alongside the Czech University of Agriculture, The Agricultural Research Institute and the OSR Growers Union to deliver a number of winter symposiums across Slovakia and the Czech Republic‘.

Belkar will be available to Czech Republic farmers this Autumn.