April 17, 2017

Arylex™ active for all seasons

How Arylex crop protection products are helping UK farmers to control broad-leaved weeds in cereals across all seasons. 

  • East

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In the East of the country the key weeds that have emerged are cleavers, cranesbill, poppy and groundsel.

Farmers will have put a “stack” on in the Autumn (products that remain in the soil to kill off weeds when they come through). This means a farmer may have already controlled broad-leaved weeds rather than waiting until T1 when application may be more stressful on the crop.

In the East, applying fertiliser, graminicides, drilling spring crops including sugar beet and starting fungicide and PGR programmes will all be high priorities. At the same time there will be a need to start broad-leaved weed control on winter cereals where weeds have come through the residual herbicides that were applied in the autumn.

Zypar™ containing Arylex™ active is highly effective on cleavers, poppy and cranesbill weeds that come through residual stacks and the ability to tank mix with other inputs can save the farmer time and money.

  • West


Like farmers in the East there will be a great deal of pressure to apply inputs to rapidly growing crops.

On mixed farms there will be a need to get many operations completed ahead of silage making and sowing maize.  Winter cereals are less likely to have had an autumn herbicide so broad-leaved weed control will be a priority – Arylex™ active products allow farmers to get on early and complete weed control before the peak workload.

Zypar™ containing Arylex is highly effective on cleavers, poppy and cranesbill affecting winter cereals. It would need to be tank mixed with another product in order to control speedwell and pansies.

  • North


Here Yorkshire in particular suffers from blackgrass and rye grass.

Farmers here will put on an Autumn stack, though in lower volumes than in the East. They will hope to control ryegrass as early in the year as possible.

In Northern Counties achieving broadleaved weed control in variable weather conditions is a challenge for growers. Arylex™ active’s ability to work under these conditions makes it an ideal tool for growers wanting dependable control.

  • Scotland

Scotland runs about 2-3 weeks behind much of the UK as it’s wetter and colder.

Scottish farmers will have begun to control broad-leaved weeds by the end of March. It’s rare for them to do a T0 in Scotland as the windows for spraying are too tight. The focus is on drilling in spring as the weather conditions prevent them from putting autumn stacks on.

Pixxaro™ EC and Zypar™ will be used to control late emerging broad-leaved weeds.