Belkar™ for winter oilseed rape: Denmark registers a world first

Denmark becomes the first country in the world to register Belkar™, the breakthrough herbicide for the post-emergence treatment of broad-leaved weeds in winter oilseed rape.


Zypar™ now available to UK & Irish growers

Offering UK and Irish growers unparalleled control of key broad-leaved weeds in both the Spring and Autumn, Zypar is effective in cold and variable temperatures.


Pixxaro™ EC now registered in Belgium

Like their neighbours in France, Belgian farmers will soon be able to include Pixxaro™ EC in their broad-leaved weed control strategies.


France registers Pixxaro™ EC and Zypar™

French farmers will soon be able to benefit Pixxaro™ EC and Zypar™, the first two products to be available containing Arylex™ active.


Registering success in the Nordics & Baltic region

A long time area of focus for Dow AgroSciences, the Nordic & Baltic region saw the first European commercial registration of a product containing Arylex™ active.


Arylex goes global

Another significant milestone in the global roll-out of Arylex™ active has been achieved, with the registration of Quelex in the USA.

Registration of Pixxaro, herbicide containing Arylex, in Ireland


Pixxaro™ EC – Taking on broad-leaved weeds in Ireland

A brand new herbicide based on the innovative active ingredient Arylex™ active, has now been approved for use in Ireland. Pixxaro™ EC is a herbicide for winter and spring cereals bringing control of a spectrum of weeds commonly found by tillage farmers in Ireland.

pixxaro registration in UK


Pixxaro™ EC – Setting new standards in the UK

Following approval in Denmark, Pixxaro™ EC has now been registered in the UK and will be the first molecule in more than two decades to provide a new level of reliable and flexible weed control from spring applications to all cereals.


Denmark continues to register success

Following the registration of Pixxaro EC™ in January, a second product containing Arylex™ active has been registered in Denmark


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