Arylex™ active heralds a new era of autumn and spring oilseed rape herbicide solutions

Dow AgroSciences is currently developing a wide spectrum broad-leaf weed herbicide for use in the autumn and a unique broad-leaf weed herbicide for the spring.


Dow AgroSciences to launch long-awaited cereal fungicide solution with Inatreq™ active

Dow AgroSciences are well known for producing innovative broadleaf weed control products in the cereals and OSR market, such as Arylex™ active. However, soon a game changing fungicide will be added to Dow AgroSciences’portfolio, with the introduction of Inatreq™ active.

post-emergence herbicides


Managing oilseed rape in Denmark

Post-emergence treatment would lighten the workload and crucially would allow treatment when weeds are visible, thereby giving better opportunities for choosing the best herbicide and dose for the weed flora present, thus optimising the use of herbicides.

Fields of Wheat and Oilseed Rape in Spring Landscape under Blue Sky, Row of Trees on the Horizon


Arylex™ active – the revolutionary new active for oilseed rape (OSR)

Viewed as a revolutionary solution to the problem of broad-leaved weeds, Arylex™ active is set to be the latest innovation to the wide-ranging Dow AgroSciences OSR herbicide portfolio.


Arylex™ active for all seasons

How Arylex crop protection products are helping UK farmers to control broad-leaved weeds in cereals and other crops across all seasons.

Precision farming with drones - advantages


Precision farming with drones in Spain

Dow AgroSciences came together with the University of Seville and Agrosap to deliver a course on ‘The application of Drones in Precision Agriculture’.

crop production


Spring soil conditions – The impact on UK farmers

How does spring affect to the soil conditions and to the crop production across the UK?



A view from Canada

As keynote speaker at the recent launch of Arylex™ active in the UK, Kelly Bennett, portfolio manager at Dow AgroSciences (Canada) shared his experiences around the introduction of new herbicide Arylex, into Canada.

On tour with Arylex


On tour with Arylex™ active

Inspired by the revolutionary potential of Arylex, the French team decided that an equally innovative marketing campaign was required.

complex mode of action of Synthetic auxin herbicides


‘Not all auxins are equal’

Following a joint research project between Dow AgroSciences (DAS) and the University of Warwick, a breakthrough discovery in the receptor binding attributes of DAS’s new arylpicolinate herbicides, including Arylex™ active has been announced.

Barley field in Italy


Crop fields across Europe are looking their summery best

Have you spotted a stunning crop field like this in your local area? Just take a picture of it and share it on social media with the #arylexfieldsofgold hashtag!



‘Sustainably producing more with less’

Eric Dereudre explored the challenges to sustainable crop production at Farmers’ Conference.

fields of gold


Fields of Gold contest


holding and examining wheat crop.


The Arylex™ active Breakthrough

Interview with Roger Gast, Global Product Development Leader.

flexibility of Arylex across different climates


Arylex™ active – ‘A European perspective’

Global Project Leader, Francois Lucas gives us a European perspective highlighting the flexibility of Arylex across different climates, resistant weeds and spray windows.

Inside Arylex active with Dominique Larelle


Inside Arylex™ active – With Dominique Larelle

We invited Dominique Larelle, Biology Team Leader for Cereal Herbicides at Dow AgroSciences, to give us the inside story on the development of Arylex™ active.

European Crop Protection Association’s annual regulatory conference


Record breaking Arylex™ active

Earlier this month around 400 delegates gathered in Brussels for the European Crop Protection Association’s annual regulatory conference.


Arylex™ active ‘Demonstrating true innovation’

As products containing Arylex™ active start to gain registration we take a look at its development with Global Project Leader, Francois Lucas.


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