November 21, 2017

Danish OSR farmers seeing the benefits of Belkar™

Following the launch of Belkar™ earlier this year, Danish farmers are already enjoying the benefits of this revolutionary new herbicide for the post-emergence treatment of broad-leaved weeds in winter oilseed rape.

Having experienced excessive levels of rainfall throughout the summer and early autumn, the flexibility of Belkar and its wide window of application have proven popular with Danish farmers. With a rapid speed of kill, Belkar is highly effective on a broad range of weeds affecting winter oilseed rape, including poppy, mayweed, cranesbill and cleavers.

We’re receiving consistently positive feedback from our Danish farmers about Belkar. They particularly like the idea that because it’s a post-emergence treatment, they can actually see the weeds they need to treat. This delivers both time and cost benefits as it allows the farmers to decide whether they need to treat the weeds on either one or two occasions’, says Stefan Fick Caspersen, Dow AgroSciences sales representative.

Commenting on the rollout of Belkar, Stefan suggests that ‘much of the success is down to the 18 months we spent working closely with key stakeholders including agronomists and independent advisors to inform and educate them about Belkar. It meant that when Belkar started to roll off the production line, we already had huge levels of interest and expectation from the Danish farming community’.

Looking ahead, Belkar is already being used in Sweden and has been approved in Lithuania and Estonia. Approval in Latvia is also on the horizon and so 2018 will see the majority of oilseed rape  farmers in the Nordic and Baltic region being able to enjoy the benefits of this breakthrough product.