June 10, 2017

Belkar™ for winter oilseed rape: Denmark registers a world first

Denmark becomes the first country in the world to register Belkar, the breakthrough herbicide for the post-emergence treatment of broad-leaved weeds in winter oilseed rape.

In a landmark announcement, Dow AgroSciences has confirmed that Belkar™, the new herbicide for use on winter oilseed rape (OSR) has been registered for use in Denmark. Containing Arylex™ active, Belkar will offer Danish farmers an important alternative to their typical pre-emergence treatment regime. As well as reducing the overall workload, Belkar will also optimize the use of herbicides as it enables treatment when weeds are visible.

‘The interest in Belkar from farmers across Denmark is already very significant and our trials highlighted a number of benefits. In particular, Belkar delivers a much wider window of application enabling farmers to treat winter OSR from early to late Autumn and in a wide variety of temperatures. From the farmers perspective, this increased flexibility will save time and increase efficiency’, said Stefan Fick Caspersen, Dow AgroSciences sales representative in Denmark.

  • Treated poppies - Belkar™ herbicide

On sale from this autumn, Belkar also offers other benefits. It delivers superior control of a wide range of broad-leaved weeds, including mayweed, poppy, crane’s bill, cleavers and shepherd’s purse. As well as being fast acting, Belkar is also effective at a much lower rate than other post-emergence alternatives.

‘For Danish farmers, the fact that Belkar is effective at low rates of application is certainly important. We have a nationwide initiative to reduce the use of plant protection products and Belkar will be a really useful addition in trying to achieve this’, concluded Stefan.

It is anticipated that more products containing Arylex™ active and designed to treat broad-leaved weeds in OSR will be registered in the coming months across the rest of the EU region.