June 19, 2018

Belkar to launch in Hungary

Pre-emergent and early post-emergent products currently provide the main solutions for the control of broad-leaved weeds in Autumn and Winter oilseed rape.

Whilst pre-emergent treatments control a wide spectrum, they miss some key weeds such as Papaver rhoeas, iDescurainia sophia amd Galium aparine. And, to be effective, they need a minimum of 10-20 mm rainfall.  In the absence of this, some weeds still emerge in the treated area.

Meanwhile the post-emergent herbicides on the market deliver a narrow spectrum and do not provide sufficient control in post application against broad-leaved weeds such as Descurainia sophia, Capsella bursa-pastoris, Lamium spp, and Geranium spp.

A solution to this is Belkar, a new formulation containing Arylex™ active. Targeting Autumn and Winter OSR, Belkar will be launched in Hungary in the near future. The first molecule of the Arylpicolinates family, a new structural class within HRAC Group O, Arylex is a systemic, phloem and xylem mobile herbicide that is readily absorbed through leaves, shoots and roots. Highly effective even at a very low dose rate, it doesn’t have any significant residual effect and rapidly degrades in soil and plant residues. Arylex has a favorable environmental and toxicological profile and is effective even against ALS resistant weeds.

Zoltan Papp, Category Marketing Manager-Hungary, suggests that Belkar has a bright future, ’OSR growers in Hungary will really welcome the introduction of Belkar. It represents a real break-through in post-emergent treatments and because of its superb flexibility and excellent control it offers genuine time and cost benefits’.