March 23, 2016

Arylex™ active ‘Demonstrating true innovation’

As products containing Arylex™ active start to gain registration we take a look at its development with Global Project Leader, Francois Lucas. Around a decade in the making, Arylex is a groundbreaking active ingredient that Francois says ‘epitomizes the reputation we have for innovation’.

He begins by describing the research and development process. ‘When we start a project it’s critical to define the key targets for the ‘Discovery Group’. It takes between 8 and 10 years to develop a new active ingredient and between 4 and 5 years to take a new formulation to market. As you can imagine, each project involves a lot of people and resource which means that our research phase has to be efficient and precise’.

Francois says that Arylex™ active was born out of a pioneer spirit within DAS that underpins a long-term commitment to creating highly effective solutions for farmers. ‘We are a company that is dedicated to ‘true innovation’. He continues ‘we have demonstrated this in the past, especially in the cereal herbicide market’. In 1985 we introduced Fluroxypyr and Isoxaben, whilst 15 years ago we brought the first triazolopyrimidines Florasulam to market followed then by pyroxsulam and penoxsulam’. As the first member of the Arylpicolinates, a new class in the Group O category, Arylex represents the next generation of what is a unique mode of action’.

Arylex Global Project Leader

Francois Lucas, Arylex Global Project Leader

Anticipating its impact, Francois clarifies the key difference between Arylex and alternatives. ‘There are many new products coming to market, but the majority are made with existing active ingredients and whilst they do offer something new, they are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Being completely new means that Arylex offers a number of important benefits’.

Firstly Arylex has passed the new, stricter regulations very quickly. Safety for the user and consumer is paramount in our business and its outstanding safety profile is exemplified by its low use rates and rapid degradation in soil and plant tissues’.

Francois goes on to focus on 3 of the key attributes of Arylex that he believes clarify its status as the next generation of broad-leaved weed control. ‘Because Arylex is completely new, it offers superior standards of efficacy, flexibility and resistance management. It brings new levels of efficacy against key weeds as well as demonstrating outstanding flexibility. It works in a wide range of climatic conditions and across a huge variation in temperatures. And with resistance management being such a hot topic across Europe, Arylex offers growers a revolutionary tool to treat and help prevent resistant broad leaved weeds’.

Looking forward Francois sees a very bright future for Arylex. ‘We’ve already seen two products with Arylex successfully registered in Denmark (Pixxaro™ EC and Zypar™) and we anticipate the registration of further Arylex powered products in other European countries in the coming months’.

Next month Francois gives us a European perspective on Arylex, highlighting its flexibility across different climates, resistant weeds and spray windows.