What is Arylex™ active?

Discovered by and proprietary to Dow AgroSciences, Arylex™ active is an innovative new herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in cereals and other crops.

As the first member of the Arylpicolinates, a new structural class within HRAC’s Group O category, Arylex represents the next generation of this unique mode of action and offers excellent crop safety, efficacy and flexibility.

How it works

After absorption through the leaves and roots of susceptible species, Arylex molecules are metabolised to the active form and translocated symplastically throughout the vascular system accumulating at the plant’s growing points.

Arylex molecules are rapidly absorbed into the plant’s cells where the herbicide mimics naturally occurring hormones by binding with specific auxin receptors in the cell’s nucleus – it is this action of binding that differentiates Arylex from other synthetic auxin herbicides.

Binding of Arylex with these auxin receptors triggers the degradation of repressor proteins that normally stabilize auxin-regulated genes in the cell nucleus.

Without the repressor proteins in place, the auxin-regulated genes “switch-on,” inducing a cascade of unregulated growth in susceptible plants just minutes after application.

Within hours after application the uncontrolled growth disrupts multiple plant processes causing a loss of normal growth function.

In only a few hours to a few days, visual symptoms appear and continue to develop leading to death in susceptible species a few weeks after application.

Key Benefits


Arylex™ active can safely be applied to a variety of winter and spring cereals between early leaf development up to late boot growth stages.

Unlike its behavior in susceptible species, Arylex rapidly metabolizes into a non-active form after uptake in cereal crops.

Complementing Arylex with a safener such as cloquintocet increases the cereal plant’s ability to metabolize the product, ensuring selectivity and crop safety over a wide application window.




Arylex™ active stands out amongst other synthetic auxin herbicides with its superior efficacy at low dose rates.

Post-emergence use rates as low as 5 to 7.5 grams of active ingredient per hectare effectively control many common and invasive broad-leaf weeds, including several ALS, or SU, resistant species.



In addition to superior efficacy, Arylex™ active is highly compatible with many of Dow AgroSciences other active ingredients. Arylex will be the foundation of a new line of customized products that offer farmers powerful control over a wide spectrum of broad-leaved weeds at low use rates with low environmental load and few label restrictions.



A key advantage of Arylex™ active is its flexibility. Unlike most other synthetic auxin herbicides, Arylex performs well even in the cold, wet conditions of late autumn or early spring.

Arylex’s ability to deliver robust control of many problematic weeds, even in tough conditions, gives farmers unrivalled flexibility and peace of mind by allowing application over more spray days.

With Arylex, farmers also have unrivalled freedom in terms of crop rotation decisions. Arylex rapidly degrades in soil and plant residues, making it safe to sow a variety of common autumn sown rotational crops and catch crops.